Men's Dress Pants Trousers Flat Front Slacks BURGUNDY and PINK CONCITOR


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Burgundy Pink
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Men's Burgundy Dress Pants

Our burgundy men’s dress pants are a unique addition to your wardrobe. Their rich and vibrant color can be coordinated with a variety of looks and their versatile cut and fit can be used for both business and casual wear. These slacks are crafted from a polyester-rayon blend for a comfortable result. Browse our selection of belts and handkerchiefs to see how you can coordinate these pants with a full ensemble. 

  • Color : Burgundy
  • Flat front / unhemmed for easy customization
  • Two front slant pockets
  • Two back pockets with button closure
  • Belt loops
  • Zipper fly with hook and eye
  • Machine washable / dry clean recommended slacks
  • Lined through the knee
  • 65% Polyester 35 % Rayon

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    Yes, this is real. No, you did not die and go to fashion heaven. Yes, you are $30 away from changing your life.

    Posted by Mr. E on Aug 22nd 2019

    Dear the 7 people who will ever read this, Congratulations, you have made it to the end all pair of pants. This is it, understand that after finding the best location on the internet to purchase pants, you happened to also find the pure brilliance that is "Men's Dress Pants Trousers Flat Front Slacks BURGUNDY and PINK CONCITOR." Before we continue, I need to paint you a picture: Somewhere, someone absolute genius thought of this, then, that (potentially same) unparalleled fashion guru figured out how to design the thing, and finally, God himself willed these pants to find their way onto this site with a price tag of $30 and the fastest shipping I have ever seen in my life. Now, these pants aside, let's talk about who you are giving your money too for a second. I wish I could meet the saint that took an incredibly bold step by creating an entire business that caters to such a small demographic. I am also absolutely baffled by their ability to have been in business since 2007 whilst maintaining such low prices, such high-quality products, and shipping speeds that beat out even tyrants like Amazon and Walmart. My last order arrived no more than a mear 16 hours after clicking "checkout." But let's get back to what matters: these pants. As a very tall person, my pants are most of what you see of me, and as such, wearing THESE pants has created quite the stir among my social communities. Before you purchase these pants you need to understand a few things: 1. Wearing this requires unparalleled confidence, hesitate for a second and social suicide will immediately consume you. 2. You must be prepared to explain to people that, no, you did not make these pants yourself, and that, no, these were not custom made just for you, someone beat you to it. 3 (The most important one). Wearing these pants will give you power so great, they should be classified as weapons of mass destruction. No one dares question someone bold enough to seriously wear these, no one would think to challenge you when you are wearing them, and above all, no one will be able to resist the pure positive energy exuded by these pants. They might be able to cure depression, they are certainly the prophesized "ultimate good," and there's a chance that they also possess magical properties (unconfirmed). So, do not wear them too often, as they will certainly decimate everything you come in contact for extended periods of time. With great power comes great responsibility...