Vesuvio Napoli PreTied Skinny Necktie Solid BLACK Color Adjustable Narrow Neck Tie Slim Design

Vesuvio Napoli

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Brand New Solid Color Vesuvio Napoli PRE-TIED Slim Narrow Neck Tie

This listing is for a Brand NEW Vesuvio Napoli Skinny Neck Tie Solid Color Thin NeckTie.

Available in the following solid colors:

White - Silver - Charcoal Gray - Black

Pink - Dusty Pink - Hot Pink - Coral Pink - Yellow - Gold - Orange - Peach - Red - Burgundy - Purple Indigo - Eggplant Purple - Lavender

Emerald Green - Teal Green - Lime Green - Aqua Green - Sapphire Blue - Turquoise Blue - Baby Blue - Royal Blue - Navy Blue

Chocolate Brown - Light Brown - Cream

American Flag, Black Paisley, Gold Paisley and Red Paisley

Beautiful PRETIED neck tie with great color combination that will match any shirt and tie.

Great pattern necktie in great color. These colors make it a perfect tie to wear with a suit for work or a special event.

This material on this tie is 100% polyester ("Silk-feel").

A one of kind vibrant shine makes this tie stand out and makes you noticed.

Perfect tie to wear with a suit for work or a special event.

This is a standard Pre Tied Clip On like style length tie which is approximately 20 inches long and approximately 2.5 inches wide at the bottom.

 In this the zipper tie design the zipper moves freely making the tie easily adjustable and held in place by pushing on the locking tab.

Many self tie necktie knots might loosen and slide around. This tie knot will stay put and look it's best without the need for constant adjustment.

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